China – Cameroon Trade – List of Top Products for Import and Export

Import – Export business is not as complicated as it is often presented to ordinary traders dreaming of venturing into international trade.

As a Cameroonian business person, what can you export to China?

As a Chinese business person, what can you export to Cameroon?

When business persons dream about venturing into international trade, the first questions that come to mind are the countries they want to do business with and then the products they intend to export to and import from those countries. These questions can be easily answered by doing a basic search on the internet but the actual decision to trade with a particular country can not be made without further research on the market and other parameters like government policies and paperwork needed in order to begin. In this article we shall focus on the lists of products that Cameroonian business persons can export to China and import from China and vice versa with current market statistics.

Cameroonian business persons can export the following products to China.

Top 15 in order of trade volume

Chinese business persons can export the following products to Cameroon

Top 15 in order of trade volume

From a general perspective, the import export sector between the two countries still has a lot of potential. Many items are still far from full exploitation. Persons aspiring to take on import and export between Cameroon and China are encouraged to pursue the initiative relentlessly.

Here at the Cameroon-China Trading Consulting Firm (CCTCF), we take such initiatives very seriously. If you reach out to use with your plans to export or import from Cameroon or China we can help you with the preliminaries and point you to the right persons and offices that will get you set up with the proper documentation. You can always contact our team of experts by sending an email to

CCTCF Launches Baby Products Section

We may all not have kids but we all agree on one thing: Kids are cute and so are their things.

"At last!" "At last!" "Long overdue!" "Long overdue!" "Finally!" "Finally!"

These are some of the exclamations from CCTCF customers when they heard the news of the launch of a section for baby products, expressing their joy after a long wait. Most of them got the news through the monthly CCTCF newsletter and social media channels and others from word of mouth. The truth is that CCTCF since creation has not invested on baby products even though 90% of its customers are mothers and fathers. For long, customers have been asking for baby products. This X-mas shopping season will therefore come with that special touch. Parents will be shopping for themselves as well as for their babies.

Toys: You will find all kinds of toys from sophisticated electronic ones to simple dolls to keep babies company and entertained.

Shoes: You will find good quality fashionable sandals, sports shoes and formal shoes for babies like the one captioned on this article.

Clothes: This is the most popular section of baby products. Baby overalls, pants, shirts, T-shirts, shorts, skirts, gowns of all designs you can imagine. No words to describe the cuteness. You only have to see them yourself.

Decoration: Thinking about what to put in your baby's room? We got you covered. As colorful as you can imagine you will be wowed!

Enjoy the slide show below which is only a sneak peek, then get on WhatsApp and make your order.

Scan the QR code below to chat directly with our customer service on Whatsapp. Happy Shopping!


Products Gallery

CCTCF now has a gallery for all products in stock for customers to browse. The gallery is updated frequently.

What Products Do You Have?

Most customers ask this questions: "What do you have?"

Whether they are shopping online or onsite, when customers enter a store onsite they usually walk round inspecting even products they won't buy before finally settling on the items they want to buy. This experience is lacking on many online shops where the sellers force the customer to just search for what they want and focus only on that. Customers who prefer to have a look at everything available are genuine shoppers. They enjoy the experience of shopping. They want to look at everything available because, even if they don't buy at that moment they may make plans for future shopping. It is therefore important to provide customers with the option of having this experience. Here at CCTCF, we value all our customers and aim at satisfying them. So, whether you shop at CCTCF online or onsite, we give you the option to browse the exhaustive list of all products we have.

Welcome to the CCTCF Products Gallery! That's where we post pictures of all products we have sold, are currently selling or will sell in the future. This is to give our former, current and future customers a holistic experience. You may see a product that was sold many years ago but you still like it. On our product gallery you can also see which products are rated highest, commented upon and that can help you make your choice. You can also contribute by rating products you like and leaving comments about the products to help other customers shop.

  Our products gallery is arranged in categories to facilitate browsing. Each category contains only products related to that category. If you are in a haste and do not want to browse the whole category or the whole gallery, you can simply use the search feature. Type in a key word for example: handbag, shoes, makeup, etc and you will see the search results showing you what you want to see if it is available in our stock.

We wish you happy browsing at our gallery and don't forget to share the link with friends. To access our products gallery, simply scan the QR code below. Thank you for trusting CCTCF.

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