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The CCTCF Business Forum is the information arm of CCTCF where people can find and share business information. Apart from asking questions and providing answers to questions, users of the platform also have the possibility to post listings in the directory section of the forum. There are many categories on the forum. We shall discuss some of them in this article.

Job Hunters: In this category, persons looking for jobs can post summaries of their CVs as well as descriptions of the kinds of jobs they are looking for.

Recruiters: In this category, companies and persons looking for someone to hire can post descriptions of the offer for job seekers to contact them.

Sellers: This is where persons with things for sale can post the items including pictures and prices and contact information for potential buyers to contact them. This popular category has many sub-categories for items for sale to keep the postings organized.

Buyers: For people looking for something to buy that is not listed already, they can post the description of the thing they want to buy in this section and may be potential sellers will find them.

Events: Users of the forum are free to post their upcoming events in this category. The events must not be necessarily related to business. Birthdays, weddings, etc. are also welcome.

Directory: This is the most popular section of the forum because it is rich in information people need, ranging from addresses of physical locations to phone numbers and web links. This category, due to its popularity also has many sub-categories to keep the content organized.

In order to keep the forum vibrant, there is a points system. Registered forum members earn points depending on the activities they contribute to the forum. For example: Posting a question earns 2 points, answering a question earns the user 4points. If the answer is voted up, the number of points increases

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CCTCF Participates in Africa Day Celebrations 2022 Edition

CCTCF representative gives a keynote speech at the event in his capacity as chairperson of the African Chamber of Commerce (AfCham).

On the occasion of the celebration of the 2022 edition of Africa Day, a virtual event was held from June 25th to June 27th, organized by the African Chamber of Commerce (AfCham). The event was mainly sponsored by JUMIA and had participating business partners like CCTCF, DNT Academy, Tranzak, ATRUD, Bell Telecom, Shanghai Blue Bell, etc.

The key highlight of the event was the keynote opening speech by the Chairperson of AfCham who was also representing CCTCF at the occasion. The speech, (downloadable at the end of this article) centered on key issues surrounding Africa, business and development with regards to the current troubling global geopolitics. In the speech, the chairperson urged young Africans, especially those living in other countries out of Africa to seize the opportunities surrounding them wisely and make good use of their role as the backbone of Africa's future.

Click here below to download the full speech in PDF format.


Besides the keynote address there were other important presentations from other VIP guests making the event rich in presentations. If you would like to watch the recorded version of the event you can find it at this link on YouTube.