Check out the 6 services we provide below. Send us an email telling us which of the services you need and we will send you a quote.

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1. Trading Consulting

Our experts will answer your questions and advise you on how to go about your business if you want to venture into international trading with China in mind. Our consulting fee is unbeatable!

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4. Outsourcing buyers in Cameroon for you

Are you looking for buyers for your products in Cameroon? Tell us and we will make contacts on your behalf. When we find the buyers for you we're out and you proceed on your own to negotiate your deals and follow up your orders.

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2. Outsourcing in China

We find the manufacturers and suppliers you want for your products. We put them out to you with various options, and we are out. You choose and proceed on your own.

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5. Let CCTCF sell your products

We will look for the buyers of your products in Cameroon, sell your products to them and get your money while you focus on producing the goods. This package saves you the stress and time of traveling to Cameroon to sell your products.

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3. China Shopping Assistance

This is our most popular service! You tell us what you want to buy in China, show us a picture if you can, we comb Chinese markets and get it for you at the price you can afford. The shipping is negotiable if you need.

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6. Business Trip Assistance

We can provide a business trip assistance package for those traveling from Cameroon to China for business and those traveling from China to Cameroon for business. The package includes, invitation letter, flight ticket booking, airport pick up, hotel, etc.

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