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An internship at a good company is the foundation you need for a bright future and a rewarding career.

Kick start your career with a challenging internship at CCTCF

Most university graduates wonder what the best way to enter the labor market is. After graduation, they begin to feel empty and lacking. "What do I do now?" This question haunts most graduates as they browse job listings online. All employers are asking for 2years of working experience at least; a requirement that eliminates most university graduates. One way to prepare yourself better for the job market is to do a well-supervised internship program at a professional company in the industry you intend to work in. At CCTCF for example, we accept interns who plan on working in business sectors like: Business Consulting, International Trade, E-commerce, Logistics and Shipping, Marketing and Advertising, Sales, Procurement and Quality Control, etc. If you are interested in one or more of these sectors you can apply for internship at CCTCF.


Firstly, you need to ask yourself whether you are ready for internship. In some universities it is a requirement for graduation but in other universities it is optional. Either way, it is something that you need in order to get into the job market with confidence.

Secondly, you need to define your internship goals. Which departments do you want to explore? What skills exactly do you want to learn? Note that you can answer these questions by talking to a mentor, a guardian or your teacher at school. They can better orientate you on what you want. What really matters anyway is your readiness to take on the challenges. No skill learnt in life is useless, it is often said. You will always need it at some point in your life. So, don't be too picky. Learn anything that comes your way during the internship.

Thirdly, look at your schedule and see how much availability you have for the internship. Remember that companies want to see some serious commitment in terms of hours put in and efficiency. In most cases you will be given specific projects to work on and deliver results. So, if you don't have enough time to commit to your internship you may not be taken seriously and you will not get a good internship report from your supervisor at the company you have chosen. Ideally, you can be present at the company from Monday to Friday like a regular employee but if you can't, try to pick at least 3 days a week, state your available time and be consistent. Do not give the impression that you just stop by when you feel like to.

Fourthly, put aside some allowance for yourself. Remember that generally internships are not paid. In some rare cases companies may give you a little cash for things like lunch and errands but it is better to prepare your own pocket money for the internship period so that if the company happens to give you any money it should come as a bonus.

Fifthly, carry a notebook and make notes each time you learn something you find useful as you get along with the company staff. These notes help not only as reference in future when you need them but also help you write an excellent internship report at the end of the program. That report is usually needed back at school.

Last but not least, at the end of your internship, ask for an attestation of internship, an internship certificate and or a recommendation letter. It is not enough to finish and get your internship paper from school signed by management at the company. You need something else that is more formal and states the details of the work you did in 3 or 6months. An attestation of internship completion is a document that contains details of what you did and mentions the best skills you have. A good recommendation letter also mentions these things. It is important to ask for them because when you proceed to job hunting, although internship work experience is not usually counted as work experience, it still puts you above those who didn't even have any internship. It enriches your CV and gives you more confidence during job interviews, especially when answering the question relating to work experience.

In conclusion, get yourself a good internship and make the sacrifice to learn about company life. The investment is worth the trouble and as soon as you land your first job you will realize that you didn't waste your time. Final note: Some interns who excel during their internships end up getting hired by the same company. That could be you!

If you are interested in becoming an intern at CCTCF, click on the link below to download the application form. Fill it out, sign it, scan it and send to the email:


CamVets Consulting – Experts Saving Animals

CamVets Consulting - Experts Saving Animals!

A group of experienced veterinarians based in Cameroon is now offering consulting services to anyone doing business in the livestock and animal husbandry sector. The company, named CamVets Consulting has a mobile team of Vets with track records in the sector, ready to visit and consult animals in major towns in Cameroon. All you have to do is call their hotline and book an appointment.

Apart from consulting CamVets Consulting company also supplies much-needed products in livestock and animal husbandry like health medicines, vaccines against animal diseases, surgeries and modern equipment for animal farming.

Camvets flyer

Introducing CCTCF Main Services

Everyone in the trading business can find something useful in our six main services.

        You are welcome to CCTCF, your partner in international trade between Cameroon and China. We are a team of experienced persons with many years of doing business in China and Cameroon where our company is registered. Our head office is in Yaounde, the capital city of Cameroon and we have a representative office in Shanghai - China.

Our company offers six main services:

1. Trading Consulting: You can consult our trading experts online or face-to-face at any of our locations. We provide you useful information and guidance on how to go about your trading business between Cameroon and China. For example: We can tell you the kinds of products to put your money on, how to get the necessary documentation, etc.

2. Outsourcing in China: For buyers looking for suppliers in China, we can help you find the kind of suppliers you want in many varieties for you to compare and choose. However, for this service we only provide the information. Once we provide you with the information you need we leave you to proceed with negotiations on your own. For example, we give you the direct contact information of 3 suppliers of the same product you want, the advantages and disadvantages of each one of them, etc.

3. China Shopping Assistance: There are many people who spend to travel to China to buy things but they don't know the best places where they can buy the best quality products and at good prices. This service helps you shop your way through the vast Chinese market. For example if you have a particular festival coming like Christmas, and you want to buy Christmas accessories in China, we can assist. The best part of this service is that you can place your orders from where ever you are in the world, give us the specifications, the money and we get you the goods. Save travel time and money!

4. Outsourcing Buyers in Cameroon: For factory owners in China, manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers and distributors looking for a market in Cameroon, we can make the necessary contacts with top buyers and resellers in Cameroon for you. For this service we only make the connections between you and the buyers. Once the two parties are connected, we leave you to proceed with negotiations, deliveries, etc. For example we can connect you with government departments that buy in large quantities.

5. Let CCTCF Sell Your Products: This service is for wholesalers in China looking for a good market overseas. You can sign a partnership with CCTCF and our sales team will help you distribute your products overseas and get your money to you while you focus on getting the orders together. For example, our company has partnerships with local stores in Cameroon through which we can place your products and update you on the sales. This is the best service because it saves you the stress of chasing after buyers and resellers in a foreign country.

6. Business Trip Assistance: For those who have decided to travel to China for business or Chinese persons who have decided to travel to Cameroon for business, we can facilitate your business trip by arranging various things like, flight booking, accommodation arrangements, airport pickup, tour guiding, factory visit, Mandarin - English - French translation, etc. It's the best way for you to have a stress free business trip.

In conclusion whether you are a business person in Cameroon trying to buy from China or you are a business person in China trying to find a market in Cameroon, you are very likely to need one of our services. You are welcome to CCTCF.

For appointments: Call +237 6 65 99 72 05 or email contact [@] cctcf [dot] com

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